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  • PacificRecent Visit to Tanna, Vanuatu.

    Recent Visit to Tanna, Vanuatu.

    Noel Cavanough and Mark Tait from the Newcastle Revival Fellowship recently visited the assemblies on Tanna Island, Vanuatu. Their trip involved visiting the saints, expounding the gospel, and helping the local assembly leaders with any problems they were currently facing.

  • AfricaRevival and Miracles in Liberia

    Revival and Miracles in Liberia

    Check out the latest trip notes from some brothers that recently visited the fellowships in Liberia. Learn more about the teaching they shared with the saints, the revival they witnessed and the testimonies of miracles that God has been performing.

  • PacificRevival Fellowship Fiji Rally 2012

    Revival Fellowship Fiji Rally 2012

    The Revival Fellowship's annual national Fijian rally was held recently and there were over 600 saints and visitors in attendance. Read on to find out more and see some photos.

  • AfricaRevival Fellowship Pan Africa Rally 2012

    Revival Fellowship Pan Africa Rally 2012

    Revival Fellowship members in Africa gathered at Kisayani (Kenya) this year for our annual Pan Africa Rally. The theme of the rally was “Are you ready for the Harvest”. Read on to find out how it went and see photos of the saints from all over Africa who attended.

  • AfricaRevival Fire Hits Malawi Fellowship

    Revival Fire Hits Malawi Fellowship

    The Spirit of God has certainly been moving in the small country of Malawi, Africa in the last 18 months with over 200 baptisms and 7 new assemblies being established.

  • AfricaRevival started in Ghana

    Revival started in Ghana

    In August 2018, Dan Cashford and his wife Alex travelled from the UK together with Paul Nugent to Ghana's second largest city, Kumasi.

  • PacificRevival Starts in the Solomon Islands

    Revival Starts in the Solomon Islands

    A revival has started in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands. There has been 25 baptisms to date and some notable miracles in the past couple of months.

  • PacificSolomons Islands Outreach

    Solomons Islands Outreach

    In the last 12mths there has been 140 baptisms in the Solomon Islands. A recent Revival Fellowship outreach there saw another 17 people baptised and God perform some miraculous healings.

  • AfricaTanzania work growing thanks to the Mission Fund

    Tanzania work growing thanks to the Mission Fund

    While most would think of the Mission Fund as contributing to building infractructure and providing means of transport, a large proportion of the funds goes towards paying the travel costs of established pastors from works within Africa assisting with the growth of new works in nearby countries.

  • AfricaThe Gospel Goes to Remote Village

    The Gospel Goes to Remote Village

    After spending three days walking through the jungle to reach a remote village in the Democratic Republic of Congo, facing robbers and rebel soldiers along the way, our brother Désiré from Burundi arrived in the village of Irango where 20 people were baptized, with 17 being Spirit-filled

  • AsiaThe Lord is Moving in Malaysia

    The Lord is Moving in Malaysia

    Learn more about how the Lord is performing miracles and working upon the lives of our spirit filled saints in a small town called Teluk Intan in Malaysia.

  • AfricaThe Power of Prayer Unites Africa

    The Power of Prayer Unites Africa

    The annual December camp in Kenya is a major event in the local calendar and was one of the largest gatherings of Spirit Filled saints for the region.

  • AfricaVisit to Malawi and Mozambique Fellowships

    Visit to Malawi and Mozambique Fellowships

    Pr Charles from Kenya recently visited the saints in Malawi and Mozambique. Read more to find out how his trip went.

  • AfricaWhy not own a project?

    Why not own a project?

    The work in Africa is growing rapidly. In the past year more than 20 centres have opened and with revival comes the need for support, be it with follow up visits, building halls or other needs that arise.

  • PacificWork in Vanuatu continues

    Work in Vanuatu continues

    Since the last update the Mission Fund has continued to provide valuable assistance to the assemblies in Vanuatu.

  • AfricaZambia Trip Report

    Zambia Trip Report

    Learn more about the recent trip that Raimundo from Adelaide took to Zambia. Read about the fellowships they visited and the accounts of healing that took place.

  • AfricaZambian church continues to grow

    Zambian church continues to grow

    Pr Eddie Kamavu continues to travel from his home city of Kitwe to visit the 38+ assemblies throughout Zambia.