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Exciting Times in Vanuatu


Exciting Times in Vanuatu


Exciting Times in Vanuatu

From the Desk of Ps Bob Beverley

Since last year I have made two trips to Vanuatu.  The first was in March 2013 to hold teaching workshops in Pt.Vila and in Mango Station in Santo.  Pastors and leaders from the eight assemblies on the four islands of Efate (Vila), Santo (Mango Station and Siloe village),
Malekula (Bulbul and Carolyn Bay), and Tanna (Green Point, Yetavak and  Enarauia) were involved.

This time the notes and teaching were in Bislama so that their understanding would be better and the resources would be more useful in teaching future leaders themselves. Teaching about the Tabernacle (Haos Tapolen), and the pattern of the salvation plan to come through Jesus was new to them and something they were able to really grasp clearly.

In May an outreach group under the leadership of Darren Barnett and Paul Trad went to Santo ( Mango Station and Siloe village ).  They had a fruitful trip with 26 baptisms and great fellowship and support to the local assembly members.     The Mango Station assembly where Ps.Willy lives is growing strongly and a larger hall to fit all the new saints in will be required in the near future.  

Anne and I went directly to Bulbul in Malekula for a rally and to open the hall for the assembly which was started in 2009.  The day before the opening a new fishing boat donated by assemblies back in Australia was delivered by a larger ship.  It was a really exciting weekend with four weddings as well.  The village has only about 30 people but Ps.Kelpet has grown an assembly of about 70 with people coming from other areas nearby, and there is another small assembly at Carolyn Bay, about an hour away by small boat.

There were around 500 people at the opening and weddings on the Sunday, and people are amazed at the blessing of the Lord here over the last four years.   There are good contacts in other parts of Malekula which we pray will grow into assemblies in the near future.

The church overall is doing very well. Santo, Malekula and Tanna are all growing strongly.  All these places are working on becoming self-sufficient financially, which is very difficult in Malekula and Tanna particularly where incomes are very low.  In Bulbul Ps.Kelpet is very industrious and generates income from copra, wood, pigs, reselling petrol, making concrete blocks and now fishing.

In Tanna we are just establishing a small store in the town of Lenakel (this is the only town) to generate income and soon to establish an assembly too.  Ps.Jeffed needs to be here in this central location as his own village of Green Point is remote and expensive to travel to and from by truck.

God bless

Ps Bob Beverley 


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