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God is at Work in Africa


God is at Work in Africa


Latest News from Africa


The following is an update from a number of the assemblies over in Africa.  Read about the amazing growth that is being experienced as God’s word goes out and the projects and activities that the Mission Fund is helping to support.



Pr. Eddie has acquired some land some land between Kitwe and Ndola with the purpose of bringing an income for the fellowship. The plan is to get the land checked to see if there is copper there. If there is copper, a company will be contracted to work it .  If there is no copper a market garden will be planted.



The situation has not changed much in Zimbabwe. It is still a battle to earn a living.  There has been 6 baptised and spirit-filled recently and more have shown interest.



It appears that the whole of the city of Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) has come under a master plan to change the city. All the churches have to update their registrations.  Pr. Esron has had to submit plans as to what we are planning to do with the land we have in Kilgali. The Rwandan government want to ensure that all churches in the country have an established building for their members.   Construction of our building in Rwanda has been held up due to lack of registration.  In the rural area of Rwanda, two fellowships have had to stop their meetings because they do not own land or have a building of their own.



105 people were recently baptised in Burundi - 79 baptisms were  from a new place called Songore and the others were from Mutaho, where we have a fellowship. It was a 24km round trip walk for the baptisms in Songore. 



The Pan-Africa rally was recently held at Makindu, and the attendance about 400 saints.

Visitors were Prs. Eddie and Millan from Zambia, Brother Terrence from Zimbabwe, Brother Desire from Burundi, Pr. Esron from Rwanda, Brother Teddy from Liberia, Brother Emile from D. R. C.  Also Brothers Isaac Shawa and Watson Square from Malawi.  Brother Gordon and Sister Jackie Jackson were also there from Melbourne. The rally lasted 3 days with a pastors meeting held on the 4th day and the 5th day back to Nairobi.



Malawi is going well with about 724 in fellowship, from the centre of Malawi to the South. They hope to start to go north soon.

There has been 195 baptisms recently in Mozambique and there is another 347 waiting to be baptised.

At this time Pastors Charles and Mesheck from Kenya will soon be making a visit to both Malawi and Mozambique for the baptisms and more teachings.  The area in Mozambique where the saints is remote - there are no roads on the map.


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