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Growing Fellowship in China


Growing Fellowship in China



From the desk of Pastor Paul Nobel (Adelaide).

During the month of June this year, Phil Haddad, Kathy and I spent 12 days in China, visiting the new saints. Firstly, we went to Xi’an, to see Richard and sister Xu, who came to the Lord in Adelaide late last year.  

At our first meeting in sister Xu’s apartment, 5 of their friends received the Spirit and were baptised. The next day we spoke to a tour guide who had been looking for the Lord since she was 14 years old. She prayed with us at dinner and received the Spirit, then came to be baptised the following day.  Richard’s village, 2 hours from Xi’an, was our next port of call. A dozen people came to the family home to hear the gospel, and 4 were born again. Richard bought a present for his parents - a new bath, which was tried out with the baptisms.  

Last we traveled to Changchun in the North East, to visit 2 sisters who came to the Lord 10 months ago. They have been faithfully following the Lord on their own, having communion together, praying and singing – they’ve made their own chorus book. Richard baptised another 2 people while we were there.  He witnessed to them in a central park, and in turns out that they lived about 300 metres from one of the sisters, in a city of 7 million.

Many in China are aware of the story of Jesus, but are not Spirit filled. Most people are Buddhist or Atheist, but personal testimonies still have an effect on them.  Of those we prayed with, every single one wanted to keep praying longer after they received the Holy Spirit.  For those who know Richard and Xu, please pray for them and the new young saints.

Ps Paul Nobel