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New Audio Visual Equipment for Port Morseby


New Audio Visual Equipment for Port Morseby


In July 2011, the installation of 661kg of new audio-visual equipment was completed at the Nine Mile hall of the Port Moresby fellowship in PNG.

On a busy Sunday or a special rally meeting the fellowship at Port Moresby may have 3,500 or more people in attendance.  That could include 200 – 250 observers.  The hall is approx. 60m long and 50m wide - open to the world on three sides – with no walls in front of the stage area.  The apex of the frames supporting the roof sits approx. 10m in the air and from where the pulpit is situated it is 50m to the furthest seat.  It is about 70-80m to the place where the young children and breast-feeding mums sit.Prior to the new installation, in spite of the enthusiasm, dedication and passion of the music ministry, many people were not clearly hearing all of what was said from the pulpit and the value of the music and singing was somewhat diminished.  Even when the sound system volume was sufficient it was not carrying much meaning.  This was because the sound had turned to noise as a result of distortion and other acoustic factors.

All that has changed.

The new system is installed and the music ministry team at the Nine Mile hall have been trained in its use.  There are three projectors with 2.7m x 2m screens showing the words to the songs, the scriptures used in the talks and video of the testimonies, the MC, the chorus leader or the Speaker.

At the first meeting where the equipment was installed, the mothers outside were beaming with tears in their eyes…so happy that they could see, hear and understand.  No matter where people were sitting in the hall they all had the same benefits - clarity of sound, a clear view of the speaker and no need to guess what was being said.  In fact you could walk to the toilets 100 metres away and still hear and understand.