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Revival Fellowship Fiji Rally 2012


Revival Fellowship Fiji Rally 2012


From the Desk of Ps Terry Coles (Gold Coast)


The Annual Revival Fellowship Fijian Rally was held at the Tilak High School at Lautoka with estimated 600+ folk in attendance.

This was a great rally.  An open air meeting in a park was held on Saturday morning with plenty of outreaching, band playing, items and preaching.   The main meetings were well attended at the Tilak School, held under a large permanent roofed area with plenty of seating. Many new people attended over the weekend resulting in 9 baptisms and 20 spirit filled. One of those baptized and spirit filled was a 76 year old Chief from the Island of Nayau.  Nayau is part of the Lau province eastern group, this is a very remote location and the Chief would have had to have traveled a long way to attend the Rally.

The work in Fiji is still going strong with growth continuing across many centres. Next year’s Revival Fellowship Rally 2013 will be held at Labasa.

Transfer of ownership for the Nadi Church land is expected in the next 6 weeks and then construction of their new church hall can commence shortly afterwards. The planned farming project at Tevuni should also come together soon.

God bless.

Ps Terry Coles