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Quick Snippets from Africa


Quick Snippets from Africa

Brother Joseph baptising Sandrine in Cameroon.


Updates from Africa


From the desk of Ps Ron Carslake - liaison pastor for Africa.


Recently there were two more baptisms in Bafang, Cameroon.  Arnauld and Sandrine were baptised by Joseph, the leader of a small group which has been meeting there since March 2011. 


Brother Dije was baptised and spirit-filled in Perth approx 6mths ago but in May headed back to his home in Nigeria. Since returning home Dije has baptised 8 people, 5 of them now Spirit filled.  Nigeria is by far the most populated country in Africa with approx 160 million people.  Please keep these new saints in your prayers as they look to start a new work in a new country.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

The latest news from Irango (DRC) is that almost 50 people have now been baptised and Spirit filled. In addition another 6 people have been born again in a small village a short distance (approx. 2 day walk) from Irango.  Funds have been distributed from the Mission Fund to pay for the registration of the Assembly in the DRC with several local government authorities.


The Mission Fund has helped establish an “Assembly Shop” in Bujumbura at the main market in the centre of town.  The shop has been set up to sell clothes and groceries. Désiré (the leader of the work in Burundi) will import clothing from Kenya and resell it. It’s hoped that the shop will produce enough each month to pay for the hire of the assembly’s hall in Bujumbura as well as fund some of Désiré’s follow up visits and other assembly related costs around Burundi.