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Revival Fire Hits Malawi Fellowship


Revival Fire Hits Malawi Fellowship


Revival Fellowship Outreach Report:

Revival is spreading quickly throughout Malawi.

Malawi is a small landlocked country in southeast Africa but there is nothing small about what has been happening there recently. Over 18 months, and after eight visits from our nearby pastors, more than 200 people have been baptised and seven new assemblies have sprung up around the country. During the recent visit in February, Pastor Charles Mutisya from the Revival Fellowship in Kenya and Pastor Eddie Kamavu from Zambia travelled to Malawi to assess the needs of these assemblies and teach new leaders.

While they were travelling through the centre of the country they were introduced to a group of people at Ntcheu, mid-way between the southern city of Blantyre and the capital city Lilongwe, who wanted to hear the gospel message. Over three days the number of interested folk grew until 43 were baptised, with 29 receiving the Holy Spirit immediately. Later, seven more received the Spirit.

Continuing northwards, Pastor Charles and Pastor Eddie moved on to Kataila, where another 21 were baptised, and then to Dickson, where another eight were baptised. The pastors’ two-week visit was very fruitful and provided the opportunity to work closely with keen young leaders. Pastor Charles and Pastor Eddie rejoiced in the 72 people baptised during their visit and the 62 who received the Holy Spirit with the accompanying sign of speaking in tongues.