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Revival Starts in the Solomon Islands


Revival Starts in the Solomon Islands


Revival Fellowship Outreach Report:

A new work in the Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands are a single country consisting of nearly 1000 islands to the east of Papua New Guinea. A revival has started in the capital, Honiara, which has seen 25 baptisms to date and some notable miracles in the past couple of months. 

In a series of remarkable coincidences Pastor Tim Rogers of the Woollongong Revival Fellowship, Pastor Andrew Ferguson, plus other members of the Hunter Valley Revival Fellowship as well as six saints from our Papua New Guinea Fellowship, including Pastor David Peter and brother Salvatora (a former Catholic brother who lives in the Solomon Islands) met up in Honiara early in January for the first outreach. Revival began with an initial four baptisms but since then a steady stream of people have come for baptism and healing.

It is reported a man was recently healed of bleeding from the eyes, a woman was healed of cervical cancer and another woman was healed of an enlarged liver and blocked bowel. Pastor David has promised to send over a pastor from Papua New Guinea.   Please keep this new work in your prayers.


See photos below.