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The Gospel Goes to Remote Village


The Gospel Goes to Remote Village


Outreach Report:

Over 20 people baptised in remote village of the DR of Congo.

In September 2011, four men from a village called Irango, in the Goma region of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), travelled to Bujumbura, the capital of the neighbouring country of Burundi, to meet with Désiré Niyoyitungira, our leader in Burundi.  Some months earlier, the son of one of the men had been baptised and Spirit-filled at our fellowship in Bujumbura. After some discussions, the four men were baptised and Spiritfilled.

They duly returned to their village where they began preaching the gospel, and in December 2011 Désiré made a follow up visit.  Departing by foot from Uvira, the closest point of “civilisation”, he faced many armed robbers and rebel soldiers extorting money along the way. He finally arrived at Irango three days later. While he was there 20 people were baptised, with 17 Spirit-filled. After Désiré left another six were baptised.

We later discovered that Pastor Esron from Rwanda was born in this particular part of the DRC, so it was arranged for him to return with Désiré on 15 February to make another follow up visit.  A further five people were baptised and Spirit-filled as a result.

After years of dreadful fighting in the region, the arrival of “the comfort, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost” sounds like a welcome change.  We look forward to hearing of more revival in darkest Africa.


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