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More Saints in Zambia and the DRC


More Saints in Zambia and the DRC

Sister Elizabeth being baptised in Lumbashi (DRC)


Pastor Ron Carslake (South Africa) has just returned from a visit to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).




The work in Zambia is continuing to move forward, with accounts of people being baptised and Spirit filled in many parts of the country.  We spent two weeks in the Copperbelt and Northwestern Province, visiting six assemblies in some fairly remote areas.  The saints are happy and rejoicing in the Lord, and while we were there 14 new people were baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit.

As the gospel spreads there is an ongoing need for good men to take up the responsibility of leadership, and a number of rallies and leadership camps are held in different zones throughout the year.  There are already more than 40 assemblies spread across the country, with new opportunities opening up all the time.  Just recently more than 20 people were born again in two separate villages near the border with Angola, and it seems to be only a matter of time before the Fellowship spreads into that country as well.

From Zambia we crossed the border into the DRC and spent a week with the brethren in Lubumbashi.  They are only a small group of 15 saints, but they were pleased to see us and full of enthusiasm.  Brother Emile, the leader of the group, had organised outreaches and a meeting for each day that we were there, and by the end of the week 6 people had been baptised and Spirit filled.  One of them was Emile’s father.  He was born a Catholic, and vowed he would die a Catholic, but now he’s thrilled to be born again, a son of God.

At the end of last year 2 men from Mbujimayi, a large town midway between Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, were baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit while visiting Lubumbashi.  After some weeks they returned to their town, and now they have baptised another 15 people, who have all received the Holy Spirit.  Emile will visit them in September.

Over in the east of the country our brother Thomas from Irango has been busy registering the Revival Fellowship with the local authorities in Bukavu and Uvira.  While he was there he spoke to many people about the gospel, and a number have indicted that they want to be baptised.  He has had to refrain for the moment until he receives his papers from the authorities, but next week Pr Esron from Rwanda will join him in Bukavu, and they expect to baptise more than 20!

Next month the leaders from across the continent will gather with the saints in Kenya for our annual Pan African Rally.  No doubt there will be many other stories and testimonies to tell.

God Bless.

Ps Ron Carslake