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Chicken Farming Project in Liberia | Africa


Chicken Farming Project in Liberia | Africa

Liberia - Chickens


Revival Fellowship Project Report:

Approx. US$500 was raised in 2011 by our Revival Fellowship assemblies in Holland to help start a Chicken Farming Project in Liberia (Africa). 

The funds have been used to purchase chicks and feed to help Brother Teddy (leader of the work in Liberia) support his family and provide him with more time to invest into the growing assemblies in Liberia.  Brother Teddy is a carpenter by trade but will raise the chickens til they are old enough to sell at the local markets.

The Revival Fellowship in Liberia started in 2008 and already has approx. 120 saints in 3 different assemblies.

Some facts about Liberia:

  • Population: 3.4 Million
  • Avg. Annual Income per person: $500
  • Avg Life Expectancy: 42 yrs
  • Infant Mortality: 157 (per 1,000 births)
  • Child Malnutrition: 21% (under the age of 5yrs)
Source: International Children’s Fund (2009)