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Hall Foundations in Burundi | Africa


Hall Foundations in Burundi | Africa

Burundi - Foundations of new hall in Mutaho


Revival Fellowship Project Report:

A new hall in Burundi (Africa) will be the meeting place for approximately 120 saints.

Muhato is the 2nd major assembly in Burundi and is only 65km NE of the capital Bujumbara (popn. 800,000).  However it takes 2hrs to travel between the two cities to due to the state of the roads. 

The chief exports of Burundi include coffee and cotton. The unemployment rate is approx. 20% with many of those that are employed only working a few hours per day.

Brother Desire is the leader of the Revival Fellowship in Burundi and along with his wife Francine live and fellowship in Bujumbura assembly.

In 2011 the Revival Fellowship Mission Fund raised $1000 to assist Désiré establish a small business importing second hand shoes from Kenya to resell in Burundi. It provides him with a small income to support his family, while leaving him time to attend to the Lord’s work.


Some facts about Burundi:

  • Population: 8.3 Million
  • Avg. Annual Income per person: $150
  • Avg Life Expectancy: 51 yrs
  • Under Age 5 Mortality Rate: 166 (per 1,000)
  • Literacy rate: 66%
Source: World Vision