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New Hall & House at Mango Station, Vanuatu | Pacific


New Hall & House at Mango Station, Vanuatu | Pacific


Revival Fellowship Project Report:

With funds from personal donations and from the Launceston and Canberra Revival Fellowship, Ps.Willie has built the hall, with a small house attached, on land he owned at Mango Station.  The Revival Fellowship hall was formally opened during a visit by Ps.Bob Beverley (Canberra) and his wife Anne in May 2011.

The fellowship in Vanuatu continues to flourish with more fellowships starting all the time on various islands throughout the region.  The saints in Vanuatu are supported on an ongoing basis via trips by members of Revival Fellowship in Australia.

Another project that you can read about on our website that took place at Mango Station in Vanuatu was the purchase of a taxi and bus that is used to raise income for the assembly.