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Revival Fellowship - Two New Halls in Rwanda | Africa


Revival Fellowship - Two New Halls in Rwanda | Africa

Rwanda - New Hall in Muzingira


Revival Fellowship Project Report:

The Revival Fellowship assemblies in Rwanda (Africa) are under considerable pressure from the Rwandan government to construct their own buildings as quickly as possible, or face being disbanded.

Following the atrocities experienced in Rwanda in the mid 1990's, the Rawandan government has a policy that large groups (including churches) are not able to gather in people's homes and gatherings must be conducted outdoors or in a 'church building'. As the fellowships in Rwanda continue to grow, the pressure from the government for the assemblies in Rwanda to have their own halls is increasing.

The word is spreading quickly in Rwanda and the fellowship there is growing rapidly. Every week there are more and more people being baptized and spirit-filled. Although the work in Rwanda only started back in 2008, there are now approx. 280 saints in 6 different assemblies located throughout the country.

At a Revival Fellowship Mission Fund Charity Auction held at Kenilworth Camp at Christmas this year to support the fellowship in Rwanda, $7,328 was raised through the generous bidding and donations of the saints at camp. Just four months after the auction, two new halls are almost complete for the saints in Rukumberi and Muzingira. 

When the funds at the auction were originally raised, they were going to build a hall for an assembly of 60 saints in Rukumberi.  But given the growth they are experiencing in nearby Muzingira (40 saints) and, as a result, the added pressure they are now getting from the government, the decision was made to use the funds to start construction of two halls rather than one. The saints in Rwanda were able to cover the money themselves to purchase the two plots of land (approx $1k each).

You can see from the photos that both halls are now nearing completion. When these photos were taken one had been plastered and the other hadn’t. With an additional $1,250 that has been sent over from the Mission Fund, they will now have enough to complete both buildings.

Prior to the halls being built the saints would gather under makeshift shelters made simply from sticks and old pieces of tarp (see photo attached)..


An email from Esron, the leader of the work in Rwanda:

This was sent to Ps Ron Carslake (South Africa) shortly after the auction.


Ps Ron

I greet you in the name of Jesus, and deliver our greetings to saints over there.

I was very pleased to see the email from you informing us how the Brothers and Sisters in Queensland managed to volunteer and sent donation in contributing to assist the Rwanda Revival Fellowship. We here appreciate highly what they did. May God bless them all. This showed us that all saints in Australia, Rwanda and the Universe - we are one in Christ. As it is in Ephesians chapter 4 : 4.

The assembly of RUKUMBERI have already found a plot for a building and we have started to make blocks (bricks).

As per now, the local authorities have allowed us for the time being to continue meeting.

In the last week I visited the RUKUMBERI assembly, and two people were baptized and one filled with the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you all highly.


Ruturwa R .Esron.


See photos below.