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Revival Fellowship Runs School for Children in Liberia | Africa


Revival Fellowship Runs School for Children in Liberia | Africa


Revival Fellowship Project Report:

Johnsonville Revival Fellowship in Liberia (Africa) runs a school during the week for 200 local children.

Because Liberia has been ravaged by two civil wars in recent decades, the country’s economy is in a poor state. There is widespread poverty and unemployment. To help local people with the education of their children, the assembly at Johnsonville operates a school out of the church hall, charging modest fees far below the rates charged by other schools. More than 200 children come from the local community around the assembly and are aged from about four to about 16.

Brother Jan-Pieter from the Revival Fellowship in Holland explains further:

“The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education but it is a different school system from what we are used to. Teaching used to be done only by assembly members, but there are now so many pupils, more than 200, that they have had to hire a couple of teachers. The school is popular as it is quite affordable.

Some of the subjects taught are English, Science, Reading, Literature, Social Studies and Bible Study. Bible Study is great because, being part of the Revival Fellowship Community School, teachers are free to teach the children straight from the Bible.

The children all gather outside before school begins, sing a few choruses, raise the flag and sing the national anthem."


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