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Revival Fellowship - Baby Raised From the Dead 3Hrs After Dying | PNG


Revival Fellowship - Baby Raised From the Dead 3Hrs After Dying | PNG



Gabriel's baby was raised from the dead.

In 2001 I was 5-6 months into my pregnancy, when I gave birth to my baby weighing 1.2 kg. He had no fingers and his ears were not properly formed. My little child died after ten minutes and the Australian doctor said he had to do the report and get the baby away to the morgue in a plastic bag.

I asked the doctor if I could pray. I was already spirit-filled and I had the confidence and wanted to pray for my child and see what God could do.

I said, "God, You are so powerful and so wonderful. I have seen the miracles that you have done in my life by changing me from bad to good, and I believe that You can do the same with the power that raised Lazarus from the dead; and that power is in me today, and I believe that this power can raise my son.  But if You wish to take him away I do not have any say; life or death, it is all Yours and I praise Your name."  And I said, "Thank you, doctor", and went back to sleep.  I couldn't cry, and the Lord was very close to me.

Three hours later, as the nurse was about to open the door to the morgue, the Lord did the most wonderful thing - the baby came back to life!  The nurse ran back to the doctor and they cut the bag and the string - the baby was breathing, he was screaming, and struggling, he opened his eyes!  The doctor put in the drip and said, "Go and get the mother."

When I saw my baby I said, "God, You are wonderful, You are powerful, and You prove it; when I have Your spirit, when I cry out, You come down and You meet my need".  And the doctor said to me, "Woman, you are very small but your faith is great."

We stayed in hospital for one month and the baby's ears and fingers formed properly, and his weight went up to 4 kg. The doctor said, "The baby is very healthy - go home!"  Now my little boy is 5 years old and very healthy. He does a lot of singing in the church and he said, "Mummy, I'm ready to pay back to God."


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