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Deliverance & protection


Deliverance & protection

Jude was baptised and filled with the Holy Spirit in 2008



Jude was baptised and Spirit filled on 18 February 2008 during the first visit to Liberia by the late Pr Ron Carslake from South Africa and Jan Pieter van Ooostende from Holland.

Two months later Jude was bitten by a deadly snake at about 9pm in the evening. Jude felt a complete calm at the time and prayed to God initially that he could find and kill the snake. It was after killing the snake that he realised that he had suffered no ill effects from the snake bite.

Taking over as leader of the work in Liberia in 2011, it was only 2 years later when Liberia was struck down by Ebola. The government banned churches from meeting and people were told not to shake hands or touch others to limit the spread of Ebola. Jude gathered the saints together for a 3 day prayer and fast regarding the situation and encouraged the saints to "pray and not panic". Still holding meetings and greeting brethren in the normal manner, the church did not lose a single member despite 20 or so dying in the immediate vicinity including 7 in one family adjacent to where Jude lived.

The church came through the experience stronger for their trust in God and has continued to grow in the time following the Ebola outbreak.