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Healed from HIV Aids | PNG


Healed from HIV Aids | PNG



God healed Eileen completely from HIV Aids.

Eileen Kiyaru was diagnosed as HIV positive together with her husband and their baby at the Tari Hospital in 1997. Her husband and their third born child later died from this deadly disease. She was to be the next in line.

In her desperate attempts to find healing, she tried different herbs that were on offer in her area. She even went as far as Mt. Hagen in search of herbs and witchcrafts but all were to no avail.

By then her body was covered with sores and scabies and other skin diseases. It was on one of these trips in search of healing that she came across a member of the Revival Fellowship in PNG who told her to Repent, get Baptized and receive the Holy Spirit with biblical evidence of speaking in tongues. She gave it a go and on that Sunday she fulfilled the biblical directive in Acts 2:38.

A month later she discovered that all the sores and scabies had gone.  When she went for another medical check-up, the doctors told her that she was no longer HIV/Aids positive. GOD HAD HEALED HER when she obeyed the simple directive in Acts 2:38.