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God's Hand of Protection | Africa


God's Hand of Protection | Africa

Sister Christine - Lumwana West, Zambia



God's Hand of Protection

My name is Christine Kasalamuna from Zambia (Africa), and I heard the gospel in 2004.  Before then I attended many churches, and I thought that I was right with God.  When I met some people from the Revival Fellowship they asked me if I had received the Holy Spirit.  I told them “yes”, but when they asked me how did I receive the Holy Spirit I couldn’t answer them.  After a lot of discussion I agreed to be baptised, and when I came out of the water they prayed with me to receive the Holy Spirit, but nothing happened.  I continued praying when I got home, and then I received the Holy Spirit by myself and started speaking in tongues.

Sometime later I started feeling very ill, and when I went to the clinic they told me that I had high blood pressure.  They wanted me to go to the hospital, but I just went home and prayed.  I also asked the brothers and sisters to pray for me, and God healed me and I felt well again.

One day my children and I were working in our field and we were caught in electrical storm.  There was thunder and lightning all around us, and we called out to God to help us.  Suddenly it stopped, just like that, and when I turned around the ground right behind me was burnt where the lightening had landed, but we were not touched by it.

I thank God for all that he is doing in my life.