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Healed from Blindness | PNG


Healed from Blindness | PNG



Sight Completely Restored After 5 Years

Hello, My name is Kandai Amu. I come from Papayuku Village, Laiagam, Enga Province in PNG. Before coming to know the Lord, I was a wealthy man. I built my wealth by stealing. I used to strip stolen motor vehicles and ship them to Lae and eventually to the highlands. I had a lot of money then and spent it on women and beer and other activities that pleased me. But things did not go far for me.

In 1997, after stripping a vehicle and having it ready to be shipped to the Highlands in preparation for the elections, some dirt went into my eyes and made me completly blind. In my search for healing, I sought medications from the public hospitals as well as private clinics. But it was to no avail.

In my desperation to get healing and continue my business, I sought assistance from witchcraft. Despite their many attempts, I still remained a blind man. I then decided to find God's healing power. I went to AOG and SDA and others but still there was no healing. I was loosing hope when somebody from the Revival Fellowship told me that I should Repent, get Baptised and receive God's Spirit (Acts 2:38) with biblical evidence of speaking in tongues. Still in my desperation, I decided to try it out..

And praise the Lord it worked. On the same afternoon after my baptism on 25th of November 2001, I saw my children playing for the first time. My sight was completely restored after five years of blindness.

As for me, God has completley restored my eyesight, and above all else, he gave me His Spirit with biblical evidence of speaking in strange tongues.

If he can do this, for me, surely he can do the same for you if you follow his directive in Acts 2:38/John 3:3-5.