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Healed Immediately After Baptism | Pacific


Healed Immediately After Baptism | Pacific



After 3yrs of being sick, Selena was healed immediately after baptism.

In January 2007 Sister Selena started bleeding (issue of blood) which continued until May when she went to hospital.  There was a problem with her womb.  If she tried to work in the garden or with coconut it was worse so she stayed in the house.  But she couldn’t prepare food or wash or anything.

By 2010 she thought she was going to die because one side of her body including her arm and leg was not working – dead.  She was very worried and too frightened to go to the hospital.

She met a woman from the Revival Fellowship in Enfitanna who told her to go to Green Point and be baptised and that she would be healed when she was baptised.

So that is what she did, she received the Holy Spirit and was immediately healed. 

She now works in the house and in the garden and she has a one year old girl, praise the Lord.

Sister Selena Robert – Yenhop