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Healed of Severe Headaches and Stomach Pains | Africa


Healed of Severe Headaches and Stomach Pains | Africa



Kaputula from Zambia (Africa) praises God for performing miracles in his life.


I was brought up in a family that had no regard for God. I have been to various Pentecostal churches but there was no difference in my life between being a Christian and not being one. 

The Zambian leaders of the Revival Fellowship preached to me about the basic salvation message. I accepted and was baptized by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit and spoke in other tongues.

I was healed of chronic headaches and severe stomach pains. From the time I was filled with the Spirit I prayed for my family members whenever they were sick and God healed them also instantly.

I am thankful to God for performing many miracles in my life. I now know that there is not any other God and I glorify Him.

Praise God.