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Revival Fellowship - Complete Healing From Tuberculousis | Pacific


Revival Fellowship - Complete Healing From Tuberculousis | Pacific



Andrew was Healed of Tuberulosis.

In 2010 I was staying in Vila and I got very sick and could not walk around.  I went by bus to the Port Vila Central Hospital and because I could not walk they put me in a wheelchair and took me to the place where the sick people had to stay.  The next day I was x-rayed and the doctor came and showed me the photo where I could see the spot on the lung.  It was tuberculosis.

The same day I ran away and went back to Tanna to be with my family.

I went to Whitesands to see a very good witch doctor.  I stayed one week then came back to Enfitanna, but the sickness stayed, my head was spinning and I told my wife the sickness remained.

Ps Jeffed and sister Helen from the Revival Fellowship came to my village and we talked about the gospel and my sickness.  Finally Ps Jeffed told me I must be baptised and God would heal me.  I did not make a promise to him but after they left I came after them to Green Point.

I was baptised and at the same time I spoke in other tongues and God healed me. My head stopped spinning and I knew he had healed me.

In 2011 I went back to the hospital in Vila for another x-ray.  The doctor told me it was all clear and I had no sickness anymore.  Praise the Lord.


Brother Andrew Namaka