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Liberian Soldier Healed by God | Africa


Liberian Soldier Healed by God | Africa



Liberian Soldier Healed by God.

I was a cruel, violent and arrogant man before I was born again. I used to drink strong gin and take other substances. I was a womanizer and used to beat up my wife and others. For this reason people didn’t love me and didn’t want to be around me.

I was, as a soldier, caught up in the Liberian civil war as a bodyguard for Charles Taylor (former Liberian President). At one stage during combat I was shot through the leg and walked through the bush with two fellow soldiers for 14 days to reach the hospital in Monrovia. This should not have been possible, but during this time I constantly called on God and I believe He preserved me. Being part of the war left me very traumatized.  

About six months ago I was introduced to the Revival Fellowship and was baptized and received the Holy Spirit. The pain in my liver that I was suffering from because of all the substance abuse has now left me. I now live in peace with my wife and things are fine with us. People that stopped loving me, because of my violent behavior are approaching me again. The change that took place in my life has turned me in to a kind man.

So I am telling the almighty God: Thank you for changing my life.


Brother Noah