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Miracle in Malaysia


Revival Fellowship Testimony:

Doctors cannot explain her condition

Mei Chee came to know of her medical condition back in year 2012 when a doctor diagnosed her to be having a growth near the ovary. According to the doctor, the growth has to be removed and her surgery was scheduled in Jan 2013. She was admitted to the hospital on 5th of Jan 2013.

The doctor extracted her blood for diagnosis and failed to arrive at a conclusion. Her case received attention at the hospital and subsequently; more than 5 doctors (including some senior doctors and a specialist) took a total of 12 blood samples from her. All the blood tests yielded the same result which confirmed that her white blood cell count is extremely low; at the count of 31 only.

Doctors mentioned that this has never been seen before in a patient who can live normally without seeing symptoms of mass hair fall, back bone pain, black outs, loss of appetite, high fever, fainting spells, swollen legs, and bruising.

Mei Chee did not show any of the symptoms. In fact, she was still working as a house painter until the previous day before she entered the hospital for her appointment. Eventually, the doctors discharged her from the hospital on 7th of Jan without condition or conclusion.

When Mei Chee asked the doctors about the growth that was scheduled to be removed; the doctors responded that since her blood test result is not conclusive and the growth has reduced in size, no surgery is required. Her medical condition has since been sent to a specialist hospital for further study.

She heard the salvation message and the miracles Jesus Christ performed and made the decision to be born again on 7th of Sep 2012 by full water immersion and received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. She knows that the Lord has a hand in her situation as she has been praying to the Lord. Since then, she need not go through the surgery as recommended by the doctors. Mei Chee praises the Lord for helping her.


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