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My Empty Life Made Whole | Africa


My Empty Life Made Whole | Africa



Ame has a joy and peace in her life now.

My name is Ame. N. Zee from Duport Rd, Liberia (Africa).  Before I was born again and received the Holy Spirit, I used to attend many different churches, but found their teachings hard to understand.  I was confused most of the time and my life was empty.

One day my friend told me about her church, the Revival Fellowship, she asked me to come and meet some visitors that were coming to her church.

That was how I met Brother Jan Pieter.  He showed me scriptures from the Bible about being born again and receiving the Holy Spirit.  I was convicted when I read those scriptures, and I believed.  I got baptised by full immersion and received the Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues.

Since then I have been happy and blessed by God.  My life is now filled with joy and peace.  God has performed many miracles for me.

Recently I was very sick with infection.  For one month I was feeling sharp pains in my back and side.  I was unable to do anything.  I went to hospital for treatment but my condition kept getting worse.  When Brother Jan and others had prayer for me I was healed immediately and now I am completely well again.