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God Chose Me - That is a Privilege | PNG


God Chose Me - That is a Privilege | PNG



"It's a privilege for a young girl like me to be Spirit-filled."

I heard about the true gospel of repentance when I was small, that was in 1999, when I started school. I came to the Sunday School ministry, I grew up into church meetings and received the Holy Spirit and was baptised, from then on I enjoyed going to church at the Tari Fellowship.

I thought that what I needed physically, spiritually, God helped me, God provided it for me and I felt great, wonderful. Now I still see a lot of miracles, signs, wonders. It’s fascinating how God does things. In school I used to be dux, I used to do great in my school marks, and all that. I’m so happy witnessing in school, witnessing my teachers, witnessing my friends. They’re just blessed, by what I do, like the words that I share with them.

Some already are Spirit filled, I have witnessed them. They’ve actioned what they have heard; mentally, physically. Now they’re about 12 or 14 Spirit filled in my school and enjoying our fellowship here in Papua New Guinea.

It’s not hard to be different, I enjoy being different. I’m not like the rest of them. I have a power in me and that’s the Holy Spirit and I enjoy that. Sometimes young teenagers reflect back and they say we miss out all the fun in the world; being Spirit-filled is like we’re in a prison but no, I see that I am free from sin, sick, death and diseases. I feel that I am saved and I’m in the right place at the right time and God has a plan and purpose for that. I am blessed.

I just feel great ‘cos anything and everything that I need it seems God is providing it for me physically, spiritually. It is a privilege for a young girl like me being a Spirit filled. It’s tremendous, it’s a blessing and I’m proud. Out of my tribe, out of my environment, out of my community, God has chosen me, He gave me His Spirit, and that is a privilege.


Sister Amanda Jeanmary Hubert –  Tari, PNG


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