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Revival Fellowship - An Incurable Disease Healed by God | Africa


Revival Fellowship - An Incurable Disease Healed by God | Africa



Charity left her old life behind and was healed.

My name is Sister Charity and I was born in 1973. I spent most of my early life in alcohol drinking, being very rude to my parents and had no acknowledgement of God in my life.

Because of my alcoholic activities, I got involved in prostitution and contracted an incurable disease, Doctors suspected HIV/AIDS and I developed severe stomach pains.

I fainted and became unconscious on six occasions.  I was taken to almost all the hospitals in the region but no cure was found for my problem.

My parents and other relatives lost hope and thought that I would no longer live. Because of this I loved death more than life.

Leaders from the Revival Fellowship in Zambia (Africa) never stopped preaching to me and continued visiting my family and I.   I never listened properly to the teaching, but because of their persistence, I finally believed, agreed to be baptized by full immersion, and received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

I was prayed for a healing and immediately God healed me from my diseases.  I am now a Saint at the Lumwana West assembly in the Mwinilunga district of Zambia.

I rejoice daily in my Lord and I thank Him for saving me.

Praise God.